As a modern hotel, we also look to the future. Taking responsibility for our environment is therefore an important aspect of our daily work. Here are just some of the measures we strictly adhere to.


myclimate “Cause We Care” is the initiative for climate protection and sustainable tourism in Switzerland. Its commitment ranges from climate-neutral bookings and compensation of CO2 emissions to local sustainability.


United Against Waste stands for the careful handling of food. At the HERMITAGE Lucerne, we have managed to reduce food waste by 36%.

Wasser für Wasser

Under the “Water for Water” initiative, we avoid the unnecessary transport of branded water and rely on fresh, filtered tap water. Some of the proceeds raised go to water- and hygiene-specific vocational training projects in Zambia and Mozambique.

Regional Products

We use regional products wherever we can. By doing so, we support local producers and suppliers, and keep transport routes and CO2 emissions as low as possible.

Save the trees

At the HERMITAGE, we are committed to largely paperless internal and external communication. We also organise regular training sessions for our employees on various sustainability topics.