Terms & Conditions

Workshops and events, room reservations

These General terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between you as the organiser and Hotel HERMITAGE (hereinafter referred to as HERMITAGE).

1. Scope

The Terms and conditions apply to the provision of conference and event facilities as well as to all other related services and deliveries of HERMITAGE, including the rental of hotel rooms to the organiser and the event participants. They form an integral part of every contract. Changes to these terms and conditions require an express written agreement between the parties. This also applies to the revocation of the written form requirement.

2. Reservations

A contract is concluded between the organiser and HERMITAGE if

  • a. an offer from HERMITAGE has been confirmed in writing by the organiser
  • b. a request of the organiser has been reconfirmed in writing by HERMITAGE

Changes to the content of the contract are only binding if they have been confirmed in writing by HERMITAGE and the reservation payment has been made.

2.1.Offers: The acceptance period for offers from HERMITAGE is 10 days, unless a different period has been agreed. After that, HERMITAGE is no longer bound to the offer. HERMITAGE reserves the right to withdraw from an offer for good cause.

2.2.Options: Options are binding for both parties during the agreed option period. After the option period has expired, HERMITAGE reserves the right to dispose of the reserved data and services otherwise.

3. Rooms

3.1. Hotel rooms are usually ready for occupancy on arrival from 15:00. On departure, the rooms must be vacated by 11:00. After that, HERMITAGE is entitled to charge 50% of the room price up to 17:00 and 100% of the room price after 17:00.

3.2. Reserved rooms that are not occupied by 18:00 at the latest on the day of arrival can be reallocated by HERMITAGE. This does not apply if a later arrival time has been expressly agreed, the reservation has been confirmed with a credit card number or an advance payment has been made.

4. Cancellation conditions hotel rooms

4.1. Reservations for up to 4 rooms can be cancelled up to 48 hours before arrival at no cost to the organiser. In the event of a later cancellation or early departure, 100% of the agreed room price for the first/following night of the originally booked stay will be charged.

4.2. In the case of cancellations of reservations for 5 rooms or more, the cancellation conditions according to Section 6.1 apply.

4.3. HERMITAGE must be notified of cancellations of hotel room reservations as early as possible and in writing.

5. Number of participants

5.1. The organiser undertakes to notify HERMITAGE of any changes in the number of participants as early as possible. As a matter of principle, HERMITAGE will make every effort to reallocate unused reservations under the same conditions. If this is successful, no costs will be charged to the organiser.

5.2. The final number of participants must be communicated to HERMITAGE no later than 3 days before the event. If more participants take part in the event than announced, the actual number of participants will be calculated and invoiced.

5.3. If the number of participants is reduced by more than 5% compared to the number of participants agreed in the reservation confirmation, HERMITAGE shall charge the following costs for each participant who does not appear:

  • up to 30 days before the event no costs
  • 29 to 10 days before the event, 50% of the agreed services
  • 9 to 0 days before the event 100% of the agreed services

5.4. If the reserved services (menu and drinks) have not yet been specifically determined, 100 CHF per person shall apply as the basis for calculation. If a wedding is cancelled, the reservation payment made will not be refunded.

6. Cancellation by the organiser

6.1. HERMITAGE must be notified of cancellations of events as early as possible and in writing. The following cancellation costs apply to cancellations of banquets, seminars and room reservations for 5 rooms or more:

  • 90 to 60 days before the event 30% of the reserved services
  • 59 to 30 days before the event, 60% of the reserved services
  • 29 to 8 days before the event 90% of the reserved services
  • 7 to 0 days before the event 100% of the reserved services

The receipt of the written declaration by HERMITAGE is decisive for the calculation.

6.2. Services rendered by HERMITAGE in advance must be paid for in any case.  

7. Room rental

7.1. For banquets, events and weddings we require a minimum sales turnover per room. This depends on the size of the room in question. The sales must be achieved by means of F&B services in the room (menu & drinks). If the specified sales turnover is not reached, we shall offset the difference to the minimum sales as rent.

  • Harmony: 8,000 CHF
  • Horizon: 6,000 CHF
  • Horizon individual: 2,000 CHF
  • All rooms: 16,000 CHF

7.2. Technical aids and other materials are charged separately and contractually agreed in advance.

8. Period of use of facilities

8.1. The period of use of the facilities for the organiser is specified in the offer as well as in the reservation confirmation. Outside these times, HERMITAGE can freely dispose of the facilities at any time.

8.2. Evening events end with the official police time at 00:30. From 0:30 the organiser will be charged an extension fee. The following fees will be charged:

  • Horizon 150 CHF per hour
  • Harmony: 250 CHF per hour
  • All rooms: 350 CHF per hour

8.3. If an evening event is accompanied by an entertainment program (DJ, band, music system), 12 rooms above the ballroom must also be booked. Room prices on request.

8.4. As soon as third parties complain about the noise emissions or the customer satisfaction of the other guests is at risk, HERMITAGE is entitled to issue instructions to the organiser, which must be strictly followed.

9. Bringing food and drinks

If no other written agreement has been made, the organiser is obliged to obtain all food and drinks from HERMITAGE. Otherwise, a pre-arranged tap fee or contribution to cover overhead costs (service fee) will be charged.

10. Additional expenses

The event organiser can be charged for any additional expenses incurred by HERMITAGE employees, such as clearing or cleaning work, alterations or waste disposal. 

11. Delivery

There are no storage rooms available at HERMITAGE for exhibits, technology or other materials you have brought with you. Goods should therefore be delivered as quickly as possible and picked up again no later than 24 hours after the event. The organiser requires the consent of the HERMITAGE for goods that are delivered in advance. HERMITAGE rejects any liability for damage and theft.

12. Media and publications / obligation to report

12.1. Advertisements in the media (such as newspapers, radio, television and the Internet) with reference to the event at HERMITAGE, as well as the use of logos and images in any form, require prior written consent. If publication takes place without the appropriate consent, HERMITAGE is entitled to withdraw from the contract. The organiser is liable to HERMITAGE for the resulting damage.

12.2. Every organiser of an event with musical entertainment is obliged to report this to SUISA (Swiss society for the rights of authors of musical works). HERMITAGE accepts no liability for the organiser’s failure to comply with this obligation to report.

13. Services, payments and prices

13.1. HERMITAGE undertakes to provide the contractually agreed scope of services to the organiser.

13.2. All prices are in Swiss francs (CHF) and include the statutory value added tax (VAT).

13.3. HERMITAGE is entitled to request a down payment of 50% of the agreed services or another reasonable amount at any time. The amount of the down payment and the payment dates are agreed in writing in the reservation confirmation. If the organiser does not meet its obligation to make a down payment in due time, HERMITAGE is entitled to withdraw from the contract after setting a reasonable period of grace. The organiser is liable to HERMITAGE for the resulting damage.

13.4. For reservations with a foreign billing address or reservations from abroad, a deposit of 100% of the reserved services can be claimed.

13.5. If HERMITAGE does not request a full down payment, the entire or remaining invoice amount must be paid by the organiser by credit card or in cash at the latest by the time of departure. If payment by invoice is agreed, the entire invoice amount is due without deduction 10 days after the invoice date. The services charged are deemed to have been provided in full and properly if the organiser does not report any complaints within the payment period. In the event of a delay in payment, HERMITAGE is entitled to charge default interest of 5% and to charge any operating and collection costs.

13.6. HERMITAGE expressly reserves the right to change prices. 

14. Withdrawal by HERMITAGE

14.1.If the service to be provided by HERMITAGE, due to force majeure (according to the Swiss understanding, in particular natural disasters such as gale force winds, floods or earthquakes as well as fire, hostage-taking, war, unrest, nuclear and reactor accidents, strikes, unforeseeable official restrictions, etc.) or other circumstances for which HERMITAGE is not responsible becomes significantly more difficult or impossible in whole or in part, HERMITAGE may withdraw from the part of the contract that has not yet been fulfilled, in whole or in part, without compensation.

14.2. HERMITAGE is also entitled to withdraw without compensation if there is good reason to believe that the event could jeopardize the smooth running of business, safety or the reputation of the hotel or that the organiser has not complied with the agreed payment terms in accordance with Section 13.3 of these Terms and conditions. The organiser cannot assert claims for damages against HERMITAGE in any case. Any claims for damages by HERMITAGE against the organiser remain expressly reserved.

15. Fire regulations / safety regulations / decoration

15.1. The organiser undertakes to comply with the fire safety regulations of HERMITAGE, in particular keeping escape routes clear, compliance with the smoking ban, etc. Decoration material brought in by the organiser must also comply with the fire police regulations. Any permits must be obtained independently from the responsible authority by the organiser. Planned fireworks must always be agreed in advance with HERMITAGE.

15.2. The organiser is also responsible for ensuring that no more people are admitted than correspond to the capacity of the corresponding room. The maximum numbers specified by HERMITAGE are binding. In the event of any violation, HERMITAGE disclaims all liability.

15.3. The attachment of decorative materials and other items to walls, doors and ceilings always requires the prior consent of HERMITAGE. The organiser is liable for any damage incurred by HERMITAGE as a result.

16. Liability

16.1. HERMITAGE shall be liable to the organiser only in the event of intentional or grossly negligent contractual or non-contractual damage. Proof of fault is the responsibility of the organiser. Liability for damage caused by slight negligence and no-fault liability is waived.

16.2. HERMITAGE accepts no liability for theft or damage to objects, clothing or materials brought in by the organiser, speakers, participants or third parties. This also applies to vehicles parked in the hotel car park.

16.3. The organiser is responsible for the insurance for the event or for objects, clothes and materials brought in. HERMITAGE can request proof of sufficient insurance from the organiser at any time.

16.4. The organiser is liable to HERMITAGE for all damage and loss or other damage caused by itself or its assistants, guests, participants or third parties, without HERMITAGE having to prove that the organiser is at fault.

16.5 In the case of third-party services, HERMITAGE acts in the name and on the account of the organiser. The organiser is liable for the care and proper return and releases HERMITAGE from claims.

17. Data protection

17.1. The privacy policy of HERMITAGE forms an integral part of these General terms and conditions.

18. Applicable law / place of jurisdiction

Swiss law is exclusively applicable to reservation agreements, including the general provisions and any additional agreements, as well as to the contracts concluded on the basis thereof. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all differences arising from these terms and conditions is Lucerne. Should individual provisions of this document become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, the ineffective regulations will be replaced by other regulations that fulfil the intention of the previous or missing regulation and the contract as a whole.

Lucerne, June 2022